Ogiek Heritage

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The Ogiek People

The Ogiek are the first people to have settled in Eastern Africa and were found inhabiting all Kenyan Forests before 1800AD.Due to domination and assimilation by other neighboring communities the community is slowly becoming extinct. The Ogiek are the last remaining forest dwellers and the most marginalized of all indigenous and minority people in Kenya

Advocacy & Justice

PROHOME Held a consultative meeting with the Ogiek community members from East Mau on the unfolding events affecting implementation of Ogiek won cases among other issues.

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Community Land Awareness

21st Oct,2019, PROHOME conducted a community land awareness public forum with the Ogiek community members at Mariashoni, East Mau in Nakuru county.

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Academic Achievements

20th August , 2016 marked an historic milestone for the Ogiek community as

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