Ogiek Heritage

Working Towards a Just Community and Safe Mother Earth 

About Us.

Program for the Heritage of Ogiek and Mother Earth (PROHOME) was founded to advocate and champion for the ogiek rights from historical injustices meted to them since colonial period. PROHOME also endeavors to ensure that the environment which has been a key to the Ogiek survival, is protected and conserved. we also have an objective of ensuring that the Ogiek language and culture is preserved for the knowledge of the future generations.


A just society and safe mother earth

An Ogiek man Hunting in Mau Forest


To empower the Ogiek Community towards sustainable livelihoods, environment conservation and socio-economic development.

An Ogiek man preparing smoke from Gurongurig(tree Moss) used for smoking bees out of their hives while harvesting honey


  • Advocate and promote ogiek rights and those of other indigenous people
  • Promote and conserve ogiek language, culture and heritage
  • Promote access to quality Education and advocate for equity in employment in public service for the Ogiek people
  • To promote Traditional Knowledge's that enhances environmental conservation, food security and poverty reduction among the Ogiek Community members
  • Promote Socio-Economic wellbeing and other Development activities in areas inhabited by the Ogiek People